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Best PS5 games use the PS5 DualSense Controller

Since we have iterated in the PS5 review, the new DualSense controller can reveal feedback well. The pad enables you to experience PlayStation 5 games in a way that no previous DualShock device has ever had, providing force feedback in the trigger and providing a realistic rumble that can display different textures. But despite the revolutionary significance of this technology, it ultimately boils down to the developers who use it in meaningful ways. As we continue to introduce Sony's next-generation game consoles, we think it is useful to put together some of the controller's impressions so far and implement it in various games and genres. NBA 2K21 NBA 2K21 sounds like trying to make the DualSense controller work somewhat tricky. Since we have played all games on PS5, this is the only game where we can hear the controller's internal mechanism. We are not big fans of the games we have played so far. It makes sense. When you try to sprint with a player with insufficient en
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The NBA 2K Series is a trendsetting game

The NBA 2K series is one of these annual 2K series , and there is no sign that it will stop anytime soon. The next generation of game consoles is coming soon, and the retail price of a large number of games is about $70. If you buy NBA 2K21 MT early in the next-generation game release, it will effectively enhance your game strength. New products are released every year with minimal changes, but this is entirely acceptable to their primary audience. Many people like to join a new introductory course every year to learn how their favorite team and other league members perform and to participate in a more robust and balanced online multiplayer experience. One thing players can do in the game is to complete the weekly 2KTV challenge. 2KTV is committed to testing player information on 2K and NBA related themes. The main selling point of the series is the competitive online multiplayer game function. For games like FIFA and "Call of Duty," new games are released every year, and t

NBA 2K21 Duncan Robinson's counterattack surpassed Curry in the history of three-point shooting

The NBA is like a gamble. Some people become famous overnight, while others have been unsuccessful for many years. Today our hero is the Heat player - Duncan Robinson . In the season that just ended, Duncan Robinson used his performance to conquer all the fans. Can you imagine his salary in the 2018-19 season was only $9,474? It's so surprising. The annual salary is less than $10,000. There is no way to survive, even in this place in the United States. But it is such a player. After the baptism of this season, he finally flew to the branch and became a Phoenix. This is his first playoff game, but this is his second year in the NBA, averaging 11.7 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.8 assists per game, making many players with big contracts embarrassed. Data expert Kirk Goldsberry updated his social media and posted his analysis of the best receiver and shooter in the 2019-20 season. Heat player Duncan Robinson was elected. Last season, Duncan Robinson shot a total of 513 three-pointer s, h

NBA 2K21 Latest update - James ranked first with 98 points, and Butler became the biggest winner

The official Twitter account of NBA 2K21 released the latest player score update . Among them, LeBron James, who has just led the Lakers to complete the championship task, has scored from 97 points to 98 points and continues to be the first player in the game. As for the top 10 list, except for the change in the 10th place, the others remain roughly unchanged. In order: Giannis Antetokounmpo (97), Kawhi Leonard, and James Harden, both 96. Then there are four places in 95, namely Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and Damian Lillard, who was promoted from 93 in 9th place. It is Luka Doncic of 94. As for successfully squeezing out Joel Embiid, who had a score of 91, the top 10 was Jimmy Butler, who was brilliant in the playoffs. He jumped from 89 to 93 in one breath—the biggest winner of this NBA 2K21 score update.

What Updated to Next-Gen NBA 2K21 Badges

For the next generation of products, many ideas and redesigns are incorporated into the NBA 2K21 badge. Many favorites have been returned, but most of them have some significant functional changes. There are also some new, some rejuvenated, and some removed. The badge points system and equipment process are similar to what you are getting used to performing well in various modes (finish, shooting, game production, defense/rebound) to get badge points, and then apply these points to any situation want Badges used in these related categories. However, the  NBA2K21MT Editor's suggestion is to try various badges that may have been overlooked before because you may find some new favorites that will complement your game style in unexpected ways.  Here are some new/returned badges and their uses: Fearless finishing agent: strengthen the contact layer and reduce fatigue. Heat Seeker: promote the progress of the internal catch Wonderful video: to promote the progress of teammates taking ov

How to Buying NBA 2K21 MT safely?

Buy NBA 2K MT use Online payment systems must be safe and reliable. The best solution is to work with trusted sellers, not with random sellers who seem to have the best online transactions. These sellers ensure the protection of buyers through various tools and sources of supply. This means you can shop and transact with confidence without worrying about your online safety. Legitimate NBA 2K MT , selling fake MT, is easy. Considering that you need real people to continue the game, this can be frustrating. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on buying useless things. Many websites sell them, but you need to get them from a website you can trust. Money-back guarantee, you may have new MT Coins but are not ready to use them yet. You can change your mind after purchasing MT. If the seller can refund, it means you can buy MT safely. How much will they cost? How much does it cost to buy an MT? This is one thing and will never be exact or precise. You can't say that since there

NBA 2K21 Settings Adjust to Simplify the Entire Shooting Process

NBA 2K21 has made significant changes to the famous basketball simulation franchise's shooting methods, which means that even some seasoned fans may throw air balls. In this guide, we outline the Pro Stick shot elements put aiming, percentage boost, and more. NBA2K21MT will also show you some game settings that you can adjust to simplify the entire game's shooting process. If you find this method of aiming and timing too challenging, please refer to the following tips to simplify the shooting process. - If you want to make NBA 2K closer to arcade streetball, you can also disable shooting timing to increase the player's real-time percentage. This is the simplest method of shooting and should only be used by people who hate simulated basketball. - If you are in MyCareer, upgrading the ballet dancer's shooting badge will make their shooting better, regardless of their stats. - Hot spots are vital to all shooting methods in NBA 2K21. Even if the aiming or timing is incorr