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NBA 2K21 MT Mode Evolution Player Card Game Experience

NBA 2K21's latest MT gameplay, just came out to play a spotlight game for Green Card Wade, you need to upgrade to level 5 consecutively, the conditions of degree 5 are:

0-1: 20 points, 1 dunk score, it is recommended to use a dunk to score.
1-2: 50 points, 20 rebounds, 20 assists. 3v3 is faster when rebounding. After all, there are only a few people! Or Wade went to the center and grabbed the board manually.
2-3: 300 points, 15 steals, playing 10 games, the assists are too good to brush, stealing to play a one-star rookie difficulty, every hand to grab free throws, about 1-2 guaranteed a game.
3-4: As shown in the figure, 300 points, 20 slam dunks, 12 games, compared to the green card era, Wade has already dunked 75 is now much more comfortable to dunk!
4-5: 600 points, 100 rebounds, 100 assists, 17 games. How to say, when you complete these data, you get a purple card.
After finishing the first round of the Domination Tournament, each team will give you an evolution card. Still, I real…

NBA 2K21 Badges Quick Brush Tips

We believe that everyone will find the importance of badges in this generation after playing NBA 2k21. The modeling of Badges and no Badges is a vast difference, and the speed of obtaining badges of this generation is simply unbearable. I think everyone is looking for a quick Badge. Here NBA2K21MT will quickly get the badge Tips:

1. Final badges: fast modeling, standing directly outside the 3-point line, and waiting for teammates to grab rebounds and fast-break layups. Slam dunk modeling is directly called tactical crazy air receiving (more experienced), inside If you are a type, you can only ask for a single step at the bottom of the bottom, and these actions will be repeated throughout the game.
2. Shooting badges: You can always brush three points throughout the game. Call the pick-and-roll. Once the defenders retreat, they will immediately take shots. Here are a few Shots that are easy to green with quick shots above gold (Tony Parker, Rudy Gay, Ray Allen, shooting 11, shooting 38, …

NBA 2K21 Dribble Skill Sharing - Tips to Dribble Operation Method

How to operate NBA 2K21 dribble? It is not clear to many friends that I want to come. Today NBA2K21MT brings you an introduction to the NBA 2K21 dribble operation method. Friends who need it may wish to come in and see.

Turn around There are two types of turn, one is to rotate the 1/4 right rocker, the other is to turn back singles, and then push the left rocker to the opposite direction of the opponent's defensive player. The former has a broad tuning range, which is smoother and faster. However, once you encounter the opponent player during the action, you will quickly lose the ball; the latter has a small turning range, mainly when you push the opponent when you play singles on the back, and then Then pass the opponent with a sudden change of thread. The suggestion is to choose different turn methods according to the position of the player. For example, a maneuverable point guard, shooting guard, and small forward can choose to turn the right rocker, and the latter is used by the p…

NBA 2K21 Shooting skills Sharing - Inside shot & Three-point & Penalty & Dunks

How does the NBA 2K21 shoot? Many friends who have just started playing NBA2K may adopt a more conservative offensive strategy. The following is an introduction to the NBA 2K21 shooting experience brought to you by Those who need it may wish to come in and take a look.

Inside shot
Many friends who have just started playing NBA2K may adopt a more conservative offensive strategy, choosing mid-range and long-range shots to minimize physical contact with the opposing defensive player. Indeed, this can ensure the number of shots and reduce the risk of being intercepted. But this is just "reducing false data". - Strong playing inside is also straightforward. You pass the basketball to the center and power forward inside. The center and power forward will start to play singles (press the shift key) after holding it. At this time, you can choose to shoot a ball or two (remember not to be too much, if it is too much, it is easy to be intercepted), trying to use the positio…

How to Pass Ball at NBA 2K21 - Jump ball & Alley-oop & Boundary ball

How does NBA2K21 pass? The opening jump ball should be taken down as much as possible, so you have to send a high center to compete for the high jump. The following is the sharing of NBA2K21 passing skills that come from Friends who need it may wish to go in and take a look.

Jump ball
Take the opening jump ball as much as possible, so you have to send a high center to compete for the high jump. After all, the center's jumping power and flexibility are better. If there is a small forward with excellent physical fitness in the team, you can also send him to participate jump ball. - The technical content of the jump ball itself is low. When the referee throws the basketball the next moment, you immediately press the ④ key to jump, and you will have a higher chance of winning the ball. The key to winning the ball is to see when the two teams compete for the jump ball (the faster player has the advantage) and the jumping power. - After winning the ball, transfer to the front…

How to Improve NBA2K21's Defensive ability - Defensive Skills sharing

How does NBA2K21 defend? Presumably, many friends are not very good at playing, so NBA2K21MT brings you NBA2K21 defensive skill sharing, friends who need it may wish to come in and take a look.

Close defense

-If you don't lose your position, you will do half of your defense work -There are 9 out of 10 reasons for dropping the ball because they didn't follow your defensive object and let his breakthrough. -It is easy to follow a person, no matter if you have a Ball or no-ball, as long as the system prompts you to defend against that person. You will always follow him, regardless of who is currently holding the ball, because the AI ​​will do its own job. For this part, you don't need to lose your place. -When following the other party, you should pay attention to some small movements of the other party, pacing, turning, etc. These may be fake movements, you do not need to pay attention to the other party's footsteps, you only need to care about his center of gravity. the cent…

NBA2K21 list of shortcut keys for offensive and defensive instructions - How to press offensive and defensive instructions

How to press NBA2K21 offensive and protective order? Presumably, many friends are not very clear yet, so what NBA2K21MT today brings to you is a list of the NBA2K21 attack and defensive command shortcut keys. Friends who need it may wish to come in and see.

Advanced Offense

- Call pause: Press the back button when attacking. - 2K intelligent tactical call: Press the LB key and use the right joystick to call fast tactics and team-specific dynamic tactics. The tactics will change according to the situation and personnel on the field. - Position tactical call: Press the LB key and then press the action of the teammate to select the tactics from the menu. - Basics of pick-and-roll control: Hold down the LB key to let teammates set cover. - Pick-up control side: Hold down the LB key and use the RT key to select the direction. - The pick-and-roll control controls whether to cut in or cut out: Hold down the LB key and use the RB key to select cut in or pull out. - Exception after pretending to cover…