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NBA 2K21 GAMEPLAY - Run and Gun Tactics

Like many major games leading to next-generation consoles, NBA 2K21 faces a unique problem of the release date gap between the release date and the release window of the next-generation consoles. NBA 2K21 will be available on September 4, but the next generation of game consoles will not be available until the 2020 holiday.

Run and Gun tactics refer to a basketball tactical idea that takes high-speed and smooth rotation as the primary tactical feature, emphasizes the speed of offensive and defensive transitions, and partially sacrifices the offensive and defensive capabilities of the half-court position. Launch as fast as possible and try to attack within 7 seconds. The opponent's basket quickly struck.

Run and Gun do not pursue complicated delivery and coordination to create empty shooting opportunities, keep the ball in motion as much as possible, and never miss any shooting opportunities. Every player may be the initiator of the offense, and he may also be the offensive. Mineta strives to fight the most efficient blitz in the shortest time.

Basketball is in a fast-moving process from beginning to end. Pick-and-rolls, conduction, running, and 3-pointers allow the team to take the initiative. More than one-third of the offense is completed when the opponent is not firmly established.

The tactics of Run and Gun conform to the aesthetics of violence of modern people, and the style of play is concise and endowed with beauty and timeliness. Especially "a wave" can directly defeat the opponent's will.

To initiate a run and bomb tactic, you must first have a point guard with strong passing ability, a fast running small forward and a shooting guard, a center that can pick and roll, and a power forward that can make three-pointers.

With the above conditions, your Run and Gun tactics can be described as perfect. Players continue to create mobile games through movement and transmission. If you encounter a high-intensity defense, you will send a center forward for a pick-and-roll, and the point guard, shooting guard. Small forward is responsible for pulling the opponent's Defense by running, then transfer the basketball to the power forward, and let him complete the mid-range shot.

Another reminder, Run And Gun tactics have very high requirements on the team's mobility itself. The team that uses this tactic is more accustomed to using movement to deploy defenses to force the opponent to make mistakes, so just stick to the case.

Because power forwards and centers are not traditional, they are relatively weak in protecting rebounds and block shots. So they must avoid excessive defensive actions on the defensive end, but force the opponent to shoot, which will be more conducive to Run and Gun Tactics.

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