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NBA 2K21 Strategy - Triangle offense

Offensive tactics are mainly shared with three kinds of people, one is triangle offense tactics, the second is running tactics, the third is pick-and-roll tactics. These three tactics are the most commonly used and the easiest to use.

First is the triangle offensive tactics. The triangle attack consists of three players on one side forming a triangle and a "two-player game" on the other side. It is not like those fixed routines, full of free movement in the offense.

According to different defenses, triangle offense will have a variety of coping methods. Once the offensive triangle is established (we take the example of a point guard cutting into the bottom corner), then a "front" consisting of the ball (small forward), the offensive axis (center), and the basket is formed. In this way, the opponent defending the center must stay between the basket and the center. As long as the "front" exists, he cannot leave.

Once this situation is formed, people can see a clear channel that brings the ball into the low position of the inside line. The small forward can easily pass the ball into the inside track or "feed" to the center.

Triangle tactics can be said to be more perfect, and simple tactics, which can be activated by simple operations in the quick tactics interface.

In addition, the follow-up evolution of triangle tactics is very extensive, and tactics such as high singles, wing transposition, bottom line penetration, mid-screen cover, etc. can be derived. Players can call the tactical shortcut bar when performing triangle attack tactics, so as to quickly execute other tactics.

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