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Gameplay Changes in NBA 2K21 update #1

 NBA 2K21 is an excellent way to get started, and it can adapt to today's game changes. Although 2K analyzed last year's badge data, some worries exist, such as some sour badges. Here, NBA2K21MT shares the gameplay changes in the NBA 2K21 UPDATE #1 For you!

- Enable the function of using Pro Stick shooting aiming when the "shooter" setting is turned off.

- The ideal aiming point for the shooting is now determined by the speed at which the Pro Stick initially deflects. Slow flicking will move the perfect aiming point to the left, while fast and slow flicking will move the ideal moment for the right, making the player more consistent with Pro Stick shooting.

- Changed Ante Up to use competitive slider settings (more skill-based).

- When the "Shooting Feedback" setting is set to "Off," players and opponents will no longer see the "Excellent Release" (green light) animation.

- Fixed a fade-out ball that could not be played immediately after shooting due to specific dribbling actions.

- Improved the reliability of standing dunks when using the Pro Stick.

- The dual team indicator was disabled to clean up the UI on the screen based on community feedback.

- Added the ability to shoot farther baskets.

- The moving Park dribble movement is remapped to the "hold" position on the Pro Stick so that after unlocking the Park Handles badge, you can continue to use the hard stop on L2/LT.

- Cleaned up some animated pop-ups in the dribble system.

- Fixed the ball physics error when the "shooting time" was set to "real player percentage."

- Reduced the effectiveness of the basket pass function to prevent exploiting loopholes.


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