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How to Efficiently NBA 2K21 Badge Grind

While you are playing NBA 2K21, you will naturally gain badge points, as I said above when your player is better you will grinding badges faster. In a way, buying NBA 2K21 MT to level up your character is like purchasing a badge booster.

Grinding badges and VC aren't the same. BUT they are closely related to the beginning of the game. Badges affect how good your character is and how they perform, which will gain you more VC.

After every completed NBA game, you will have the option to practice. Practicing is the fastest way to grind badges and MyPlayer points by itself, although you won't receive VC. At the start of the article, I mentioned playing 30 games and 30 practices since this will be a well-rounded way of leveling up your player. If you detest playing practices, you can skip one from time to time but don't be like AI.

The coach will have control over what drills you get to do, which isn't very pleasant since you want to be working on your specialties. You'll have to suck those up and do your best. Eventually, you'll get to choose your drills. Here are my recommendations on which ones you should choose.


With high driving layup attribute: Contested finisher. It's the highest point yielder and is helpful for in-game situations. I have found that hitting square twice is a better way of doing Euro steps. You can also do other difficult layups like spin layups and get credit.

If tall guy who can finish at the rim but has a lousy layup: Lob Finishes. I find Euro steps to be hard to complete with common attributes. Lobs are the lowest point yielder, but they are super comfortable. If you press Triangle, Tringle, when you have a clear path to the basket, this is something the drill won't tell you, but it works better than waiting for the dribbler to decide. Because of its ease, you can finish these quickly because you only need 5 of 10. After that, just press pass, and it will end every subsequent try quickly.


Free Throw Golf – It's easy and has the highest yield. If you need to grind shooting badges, at least have your FT attribute at like 70 and use the Michael Jordan animation.


Outlet Passing – Super easy. Pass to the person one isn't covered once they get to the 2 point line. Use your icon passing, and it should be easy. You can even take a couple of dribbles before you pass it to make sure your teammate is far enough.


Protect the Tin – Easier once you have clamps. Just play hands up (stick up a defense), and you'll be golden.


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