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NBA 2K21 Domination Tournament players and play recommended

The NBA 2K21 Domination Tournament is a game that players need to play when opening up the wasteland in MyTeam. Players can get a lot of rewards by completing these games. Please see the NBA 2K21 Domination Tournament recommended by Safenbamt. Some help.

Recently, many friends are trying to open up the wasteland in the Domination Tournament. Some players asked the editor to teach the Domination Tournament. Although the difficulty level of the first two rounds of the Domination Tournament this year is very high, it is straightforward to get started. All you have to do is chug. The most important attribute of a defender in the early part of this year is still ball possession + dribbling speed.

We recommend this Emerald Parker, which is given to players at level 20. Wearing double ball control + speed shoes can beat the PGs of the first two rounds of Domination.

No fancy or tactics are needed. The only thing that needs to be done is to flip the joystick after holding the ball in the backcourt, and then swing the dribble to the left and right. After opening the defensive gap, you can get out of the layup by getting in the speed and eating raw. One thing to pay attention to when breaking through is the same as in the past. Do not touch the defender with the ball-handler and squeeze the person with the side of the non-ball-hander.

There is no solution after opening dominance. The last step is to take a European action. Otherwise, it is easy to be covered when encountering a robust inside line.

After starting the dominance, this Green Parker's possession and dribbling speed both reached 99.

If you know a few tactics and fancy, it will be even more icing on the cake.


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