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NBA 2K21 New MYCareer and New Blocks

The most significant change in this MC's brilliant career mode is that the point guard's maximum height can be set to 6'8 (2.03 meters), which means that this time your point guard template can be Hardaway or Magic. This change is still Lillard, and NBA 2K21 brought it up. It should be noted that the ball-handling ability will decrease as the height increases. A 6-foot-8 pure point guard has a maximum possession of 78. The skill assignment interface is the same as the previous game. The modeling pie chart has been increased from 10 to 14 in the last round. The badge has been permanently removed for quick shots, and the adjustment of shot speed has been added to the shot editor.

The story will start with the protagonist's high school period. The protagonist decided to join American football because of a friend's suggestion. Under the coach's persuasion, the protagonist returned to the basketball court. During the influence, the coach also gave him many examples such as Stadameier and Duncan had never been in team basketball before 14, and Antetokounmpo played football before. In the three games, the protagonist will usher in his career's first significant choice because of a foot injury. Should his teammates, for example, fall behind, risk joining the game? Eventually, the protagonist enters high school and enters the NBA as he wishes. It should be noted that if entering the interception will skip high school and university, players can also use this method to cut high school and university when creating a new character.

This time the block is moved to the beach. The brand new block will bring a freshness of being in the Venice Beach Stadium to players who like to play in the park. Compared with the monotonous blocks in the previous game, this time, players can watch the scenery besides playing on the beach. The environment of the stadium will also change according to the time. The neon lights on the Ferris wheel will be more evident at night. The most important thing is that there are Kobe graffiti eggs in this block!

The ML ultimate league mode of this work also joined the WNBA. Players can choose WNBA season or WNBA playoffs. In the WNBA season, players will experience the excitement of the entire WNBA season! Control up to 12 new teams, and at the same time, take the classic MyLEAGUE experience. WNBA playoffs players will experience the excitement of the playoffs in fully customized WNBA playoffs. It should be noted that the rules of the WNBA are entirely different from those of the NBA. The season of the WNBA is 22 games, and 8 teams play the playoffs.


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