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NBA 2K21 Shooting Tips Detailed Explanation for Beginners

 The 2k series has always been a must-have game for basketball fans. Since the 2k9 version's appearance, every 2k series will become a hit of the season. There are more than a dozen games that have come out so far. The latest game that has been launched is NBA 2k21. According to the players' feedback, there is an unacceptable problem: 2K21's shooting is too tricky. This difficulty is not to say that it is difficult for novice players, but it is still somewhat misleading for old players. For novice players, many players lose on shooting. If you want to improve the game experience, you must learn to shoot, and after mastering the skills, you will find that shooting is not too difficult, but you can't play it. Below, NBA2K21MT shares a detailed explanation of NBA 2K21 shooting skills to everyone!

Inside shot

Many friends who just started playing NBA2K may adopt a more conservative offensive strategy, choosing mid-range and long-range shots, and minimize physical contact with opposing defensive players. Indeed, this can guarantee the number of shots and reduce the risk of being intercepted. But this is just "reducing false data."

The operation of strong play inside is effortless. You pass the basketball to the inside center and power forward by throwing a pass.

After the center and power forwards have the ball, they start to play with their backs (press the shift key). At this time, you can choose to shoot one or two shots (remember not to be too much, if there are too many, it is easy to be intercepted), try to use your position Push the defensive player close to you, usually one or two steps. At this point, you find that the opponent retreats too much, so you can turn inside and put on the basket while playing back.

If you find that the opponent’s defender is still defensive (hold down the shift key) at this time, you can click the ① button twice to make a false shot to see if the opponent’s defense is eliminated (releasing the shift key), if so, You can immediately hook and throw.

It’s instrumental to play inside. Players with little experience usually take care of pressing the shift key but not moving their footsteps. You can take advantage of the gap between them to switch defense and move. Shot. This kind of inside play can be said to have a very high scoring success rate.

Three-point technique

There are generally more players who choose to shoot three-pointers. To shoot every three-pointer, you need an intense three-point shooter.

Then you have to choose your shooting point. The best course is to step on the three-point line and live near the top of the gourd so that even if you hit the board, it is possible to score three points through the board.

The next thing is to look at the pitcher's physical balance. If the shooter takes off on the spot, the accuracy will increase, but the accuracy will be significantly reduced if the shooter loses balance after the jump.

It is best to shoot three-pointers without interference, so let other teammates help with pick-and-rolls to reduce the pitcher's degree of interference.

Besides, at certain critical moments, three-point shooters are required to explode. That is when a single quarter is about to end or when the score is 2 or 3 points away, and the ball is in your hands, you can choose to make a long shot. At this time, the shot must be firm enough; maybe One goal will determine the outcome.

Free Throw

Free Throw is the shortest throw.

First, when the referee hands the ball to you, you will adjust the ball slightly. At this time, you can tap the X button to get the player ready to shoot.

When taking a free throw, the power reading bar's speed will be slower, so don't be too hasty, and slowly wait until the best position to release the X button to start the throw.

Generally speaking, it can be thrown in if the reading bar is not in place, as long as the reading bar's error from the right end of the power slot is not more than 20%, it can basically be thrown in. But it is mainly based on the player's position. When the error is too large, the power forward will easily miss.

Mid-range shot

To often get the chance to make a mid-range shot in the open position, then you have to learn the "triangle offensive tactics" mentioned above.

The purpose of the triangle tactics is to create space and then create opportunities for players to cast.

You have to know that your shooting accuracy will be significantly reduced if there is interference from the opponent. If you are out of position and a defensive player comes forward to intercept, you will likely have a hot pot. So it would help if you learned the triangle tactics.

As long as the shooting space can be created, even players who have always been ordinary shooting can easily make them, eliminating the need to fight hard to get inside.

Layup and Burst/Slam Dunk

The layup's accuracy is higher than the mid-range and long-range shots, but the premise needs to avoid the opponent's defense. If the opponent player is close and the defensive player is strong and robust, it will be covered in minutes.

Then first consider the physique of the basketball player. If the form is muscular enough, as long as there is a little gap, you can dunk immediately; players with weaker bodies basically can’t duck and can only layup at most, then they will give the opponent a cover—an opportunity for hot pot.

Therefore, it is necessary to introduce some different action layups, such as backhand layup, European step layup, and jump layup, to deceive the opponent into misjudging the block's timing.

If you find that the opponent is also in the air when you jump, you can still have a chance to save the goal. That is to change the shot in the air. During the dunk or layup, push the right stick in any direction in the air. Then you can change the layup into a fake shot or a giant windmill for the layup.

Here you have to remember that slam dunk, air relay, and hot pot are all the best ways to increase my players' morale and weaken the confidence of the opponent.


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