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NBA 2K21 Settings Adjust to Simplify the Entire Shooting Process

NBA 2K21 has made significant changes to the famous basketball simulation franchise's shooting methods, which means that even some seasoned fans may throw air balls. In this guide, we outline the Pro Stick shot elements put aiming, percentage boost, and more. NBA2K21MT will also show you some game settings that you can adjust to simplify the entire game's shooting process.

If you find this method of aiming and timing too challenging, please refer to the following tips to simplify the shooting process.

- If you want to make NBA 2K closer to arcade streetball, you can also disable shooting timing to increase the player's real-time percentage. This is the simplest method of shooting and should only be used by people who hate simulated basketball.

- If you are in MyCareer, upgrading the ballet dancer's shooting badge will make their shooting better, regardless of their stats.

- Hot spots are vital to all shooting methods in NBA 2K21. Even if the aiming or timing is incorrect, shooting from the court's blue area can still make your players feel comfortable. Entering 2KU with some of the top athletes in the team may help to understand their hot spots.

- You don't necessarily have to use the right stick to shoot. You can still shoot with Square (PS4) or X (Xbox). This will change the light meter to something you may be more familiar with. To gain the advantage of improvement, turn off the illuminance meter.

- You can also enter the control options and altogether disable the aiming function. This brings your Pro Stick function closer to NBA 2K20 status. Particular timings and specific shots will still feel slightly different, but this is almost the same as the actual restoration.


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