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Driving Report: Audi RS Q3 Sportback - Kicker

As he looks: The neighbor rams the husband the elbow in the side. "Look here," she says, "That's an Audi". Said husband is a convinced Mercedes driver, but the showpiece with Ingolstädter license plate he eyes with interest and unmistakable pleasure. Deep black glossy singleframe grille, sill and aprons, 21-inch wheels, a ten millimeter lowered sports suspension, rear side a roof edge spoiler and the voluminous ovals of the two-flute exhaust system - WOW. The sportback with its deeper shoulder line looks even a corner of muscular and athletic than the actual Audi RS Q3. Unmistakable athletic, but that on the noble kind, not half-strong and certainly not vulgar. Good that the designers have suspended.

As he is set up: Again noble, a bit of plastic and there does not peach the fine ambience. Flattened below, to take with many function keys and taking handle with Alcantara steering wheel at hand, the pure joy is, as well as on the honeycomb Feinnappa of the RS sports seat (1499 euros). The freely configurable (and also with G-meter and laptimer to be involved) Display behind the valance is flanked right hand from the 10.1-inch touch screen of the top infotainment "MMI Navigation Plus" (1775 Euro), stung sharp the ads, perfect Intuitive the usability. The language assistant we did not have to say no command twice, even written desires were readily deciphered.

However, we liked the selector lever for the seven-speed S-TRONIC. A classic part of the shift gate projecting part, which in the age of mini-shifter suddenly antiquated and bulky effects.

Fine Material Mix: Quilted Leather, Alcantara, Carbon Look. manufacturer

How much space he has: Beauty is sometimes costs, in the case of sportback not only money (later), but also head-freedom, which is due to the coupe-like roofing roof and that in comparison to the sister model is attributed by 45 millimeters. The trunk volume is also shrinking with folded back seat lathes, from 1525 to 1400 liters, the standard measure - 530 liters - but remains untouched.

With the spatial variability, the RS Q3 Sportback can score - the back seat can be (even as standard, which wants to be hot with Audi what is called 13 centimeters longitudinally, the inclination of the rear seat lathies is changeable seven-stage.

What drives him: "Scho a cream piece", Oberbayert The friendly Lord, who delivers the RS Q3 Sportback from Ingolstadt. Oh yes: the two-liter four-cylinder TSI from the VW Tiguan R has not left Audi under the hood; Instead, there may be astoning in the best four-rings tradition, a five-cylinder, namely, procured from 2.5 liters displacement 294 kW / 400 hp. 480 Newton meters are available in a wide range of speeds between 1950 and 5850 tours, for printing is thus taken care of. As standard, a seven-speed S-Tronic with extra-fast switching times distributes the enormous drive forces to all four wheels, quattro-four-wheel drive is honorary thing. The sporting tool is completed by an RS-specific progressive steering with variable translation and a sports suspension.

It can not be said otherwise: The five-cylinder is a great drive source. His charisma can be heard, so it starts. Under no means rinse is the sound backlash, but completely soy, beard bass at its best, in full loud magnetic splendor then in the event of a steering wheel button one of the two stored, individually configured RS modes is activated there. If that does not happen, the sportback is laid on a residential road-compatible, but still well-being acoustic scenario.

After a micro-small turbopause, the high-performance crossover switches to attack, strikes the muscles and catapults its countermeasure of 1700 kilograms with almost inexperienced force forward. Only 4.5 seconds is the standard sprint from 0 to 100 km / At 250 km / h is usually the conclusion, but who believes that they can extend somewhere - and that too - can also be sought for 1500 euros surcharge, the increase of the top speed to 280 km / h.

Cancels the norm: Optionally, the RS Q3 Sportback can be unlocked to 280 km / h top. manufacturer

As he drives: The RS Q3 Sportback is a crossover SUV of a corresponding weight and with a relatively high center of gravity, the driving dynamics of a flat sports car flow and will not expect the buyer. Nevertheless, the fabulous chassis, narrow curve sections, the Ingolstädter with a famous traction strength under the wheels, handy and light-footed carvt he cares about the sweep, the four-wheel drive ensures that car and asphalt remain connected in a crisis-resistant attraction - the boundary area represents an invitation No threat. The optional ceramic brake system (4650 euros) grabs energetically, but also pretty poisonous. And the ESP - at Audi it means ESC - can also be switched off by the particularly dedicated sports driver.

We advise on the 980 Euro upgrade to the Adaptiv Leitwerk (RS sports suspension plus), who does not just choose the sporty damper setting, which is only tolerated by a hard-minded backbone, thus enjoying beautifully balanced driving comfort, which does not narrow the driving stability.

What he consumes: As a cut we noted 9.3 l / 100 km super plus 98 octane. Anyone who leaves the RS Q3 sportback should be made to values ​​with a 14 before the comma.

What he offers: 20-inch alloy wheels, sports seats, ambience light packet, light and rain sensor, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirror, air conditioning, audio system with 8.8-inch touch screen, Navi, Virtual Cockpit (digital Kombi instrument), tracking and lane change alter, cruise control, RS sports suspension, progressive steering and driving mode selection "Drive Select".

Statement: The black shiny honeycomb grille. manufacturer

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Is not there anything else missing? Yes, such a lot. Matrix LED Headlight (435 Euro), for example, highlight assistant (135 euros), electric tailgate (490 euros), seat heating (490 euros), two zone climate control (590 euros), the large MMI navigation plus infotainment (1790 Euro), also larger Virtual Cockpit Plus (240 Euro), Smartphone Interface (535 Euro), Rear View Camera (410 Euro) or Adaptive Tempomat (690 euros), from other subtleties has already been speech.

What it costs: from 67,000 euros, compared to the RS Q3, the sportback surcharge is 1500 euros - beauty, as I said, costs. Our extensively equipped test car came on dispersing 89,650 euros.

What we mean: Of course you can put the question of the meaningfulness of 400 five-cylinder PS in the event of a family-owned crossover. And the not insignificant consumption as well as the no less insignificant price are feed for controversy. Apart from that, the Audi RS Q3 Sportback is a great car to look good to drive fantastic, with a fabulous engine - and fully everyday party.

Ulla ellmer

The data of the Audi RS Q3 Sportback

Displacement 2480 CCM, Cylinder 5, Performance 294 kW / 400 hp at 5850 - 7000 / min, max. Torque 480 Nm at 1950 - 5850 / min, tip 250, optional 280 km / h, Acceleration 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 sec, standard consumption WLTP 9, 8 l s + per 100 km, Test consumption 9.3 l / 100 km, CO2 emission 222 g / km, pollutant class Euro 6D-Temp-EVAP-ISC, Energy Efficiency class E, Length 5.51 m, Width 1.85 m (without outside mirror), height 1.56 m, trunk 530 to 1400 l, * Fuel Tank 63 L, Empty weight 1700 kg, Permissible total weight 2250 kg, Trailer load 1900 kg (braked), 750 kg (unbraked). 7-G-S-TRONIC, four-wheel drive. Insurance type classes 16 (kH), 24 (VK), 23 (TK). Price * from 67,000 euros.

Audi RS Q3 Sportback: Power Crossover with 400 hp


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