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Minecraft Nether Update: Everything we know about the first big overhaul of the Nether - update changed - Video Peeling news, instructions, exemplary procedures, reviews and cultu

New monsters, blocks and food in the Nether, the new Minecraft update changed things

(Credit: Microsoft)

Minecraft's Light Update Changes EVERYTHING!

If you were always more of the hell, then the Minecraft Nether-Update adds a number of interesting features of the dark underworld of the game. It is a large-scale revision for the Nether, the Minecraft expanded new blocks, mobs, biomes and more. It is planned to make the area a long-term goal so that you can spawn there and collect food so you can stay longer.

The Minecraft Nether-Update, which was announced for the first time on Minecon 2019, is expected to be available with the 1.16 update for the Java edition of the game. Here are all information we currently have on how to change the game and what results from it for your mining experience.

If you have only dealt with Minecraft in the past - maybe just build a modest basis or just to explore the procedural biomes that has the game to offer - maybe you have never dared to be in the Nether. It is not a place where you can accidentally stumble - it's a very conscious matter to get there. It is essentially a separate dimension and consist mainly of deadly lava and netherlick blocks as well as different other unique block types, vegetation and enemies. To access the Nether, you have to create a Neart portal with obsidian.


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