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Pokémon Go: DataMiner find new Pokémon sizes and Evoli Ticket


The DataMiners have found Inpokémon Go new texts that indicate new Pokémon sizes and an evoli ticket. We looked at what was discovered in the code of the game and summarized all the information for you.

What happened? The Pokeminers, a group of datinineers, search in the code of Pokémon Go regularly for new information and publish them. Now this group has found new texts in the game. We looked at what kind of text it is and explain what they mean for you.

These are the new texts

By searching in the game code, the DataMiners have already found numerous innovations in Pokémon Go in the past, which were already known before their actual release. For example, Lewymd has now released the current finds of the DataMiner on Reddit (via We show you which these are:

New sizes at Pokémon

So far, you could catch Pokémon in the sizes XS to XL in the game. There are even medals, if you catch a certain number of monsters in a certain size, such as large carpador or tiny rattfratz. Now the Pokeminers have found texts, after which there is also Pokémon in XXS and XXL in the future. In the code this looks like this:

Resource ID: General_xxl Text: XXL Resource ID: General_XXS Text: XXS

Evoli ticket

First texts were also found for the community day with Evoli. Here, on the one hand, the ticket name of "who you want to be" was changed to "what you want". In addition, there should be 5 photo bombs for snapshots to the Evoli event. Furthermore, all texts around Professor Willow were adapted according to the event.

Resource ID: QUEST_TITLE_EEVET -Text: Who You Choose To Be + Text: What You Choose To Be Resource ID: General1.Ticket.2_eeevet_Title -Text: Who You Choose To Be Ticket + Text: What You Choose To Be Ticket Resource ID: GENERAL1.TICKET.2_EEVET_DESCRIPTION Text: A Ticket to <a href="" title="Access the What You Choose">Access the What You Choose</a> To Be Special Research on August 14 and 15, 2021, from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 p.m. Local Time Each Day, wherever you are. Details Can Be Found in The In-Game News.

Corona bonus

Already in June Niantic had announced that they abolish part of the Corona bonus introduced in 2020 to return to their original game concept. But it should also be preserved individual bonuses. In order to motivate the players even more to go outside, new explorer bonuses should also be introduced.

For this reason, the DataMiners found texts in the code of the game's code to the discoverer bonuses, which will soon be made available to the coaches. These are the following:

  • Guaranteed gifts when turning pokéstops
  • Higher smoke effectiveness when you move
  • 10-fold EP at first turning a poké stop
  • Up to 2 RAID passes a day when turning arenas

However, this information was previously officially confirmed by Pokémon Go (via This shows the texts in the code:

Resource ID: Gift_Pokestop_Guaranteed Text: Guaranteed Gifts from Pokéstop Spins Resource ID: INCENSE_EFFECTIVENSS_WALKING Text: Increased Incense Effectiveness While Walking Resource ID: Pokestop_spin_New_xp_ten Text: 10 × XP for Visiting <a href="" title="Pokéstops for the First Time">Pokéstops for the First Time</a> Resource ID: Two_Free_Raid_Passes Text: Up to Two Free Raid Passes Per Day By Spinning Gym Photo Discs

More texts

Finally, the pokeminers have found other texts. These are predominantly evidence and instructions relating to the upload of Pokéstops. However, the last part has not found a text in the code. For this reason, this position is empty.

Resource ID: POI_CONTRIB_UPLOAD_LATER_MSG Text: When You Are Ready to upload, please go to Main Menu Page. Resource ID: POI_CONTRIB_UPLOAD_NOW_MSG Text: You Will Receive at Email With Details Shortly. Resource ID: POI_RETAKE_PICTURE_MSG Text:

In addition, Niantic has changed the texts to the mysterious parts of the Rocket Rüpel and the Rocket Radar. The new texts look like this in the games code:

Resource ID: Item_Leader_map_Fragment_desc -Text: Each Time You Battle and Defeat A Team Go Rocket Grunt, They'll Drop A Mysterious Component. Collect All 6 to Lake What They Combine Into! + Text: When You Defeat A Team Go Rocket Grunt, You Can Get A Mysterious Component. Collect Six Mysterious Components to Combine Them! Resource ID: LEADER_MAP_ASSEMBLED_DESCRIPTION

-Text: Your Mysterious Components Have Combined Into A Rocket Radar. Use the Rocket Radar to Locate Team Go Rocket Hideouts! + Text: Your Mysterious Components Have Combined Into A Rocket Radar! Use It to Locate Team Go Rocket Hideouts.

In addition, the DataMiners have found two new links about friends list and friendship levels:

Resource ID: abi_helpshift_url Text: Resource ID: HELP_CENTER_FRIENDS_LINK Text: https: // P = All & S = Friends Gifting Trading & F = Friend List-Friendship Levels-1614900279 & L = EN

But not every find of the DataMiner must actually be activated by Niantic in the game. So it can be that these lactic information also change again or do not appear in Pokémon Go. Therefore, you should always look at them with a certain portion of skepticism.

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In the coming weeks you expect numerous events in Pokémon Go, as the second part of Hyperbonus. But even on great Raid and ramp lights and the community day you can already look forward to. We looked at what events are particularly worthwhile in August and summarized them for you.

Which upcoming event do you enjoy the most? And what do you think about the community day with Evoli? Write us your opinion here, on Meinmmo, in the comments.


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