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Like a villagers

_ Minecraft _ is one of the most popular games ever published. The game is played worldwide on every available playing platform and still receives frequent updates and additional content. Despite the long-standing success of minecraft, some things are still escaping the players.

The sandbox survival game offers endless opportunities to build, fight and adventure. With many different biodes, weather options, animals and mobs everything can happen. Minecrafts villagers are one of the passive mobs that appear in the Oberwelt. These harmless people go to their daily life and fulfill their careers!

How to change villagers jobs in Minecraft

Luckily there is an easy way to make your minecraft villagers jobs in your settlement. The first thing to do is to check your previous career - this can be done through a look at your clothes or the blocks you interact with. From there, the players have to destroy the associated construction site. This will make the villagers angry, but they will be looking for a free property. If there is a free workplace, hike there and accept that as your new destiny career. And there you have it - your villagers now has a new job.

Available villagers careers

At present, thirteen are available Minecraft villagers jobs for you to take over. They all need the right blocks to be on a construction site that can be reached for the villagers. These jobs are listed below, with the associated blocks that the villagers need to work.

  • Bauer - composter (and a field).
  • Maurer - Steinmetz.
  • Fischer - barrel (near water).
  • Cartographer - cartography table.
  • Librarian - lectern.
  • Cleric - Shower.
  • Weaponsmith - Grindstone.
  • Leather processor - boiler.
  • Shepherd - Loom.
  • Fletcher - fancy table.
  • Toolsmith - blacksmith.
  • Armorer - blast furnace (made of four iron bars, three smooth stone blocks and a stove).
  • Butcher - smoke oven (combine four pieces of natural wood with an oven).

It is easy to see which job is assigned a villagers, as there are associated outfits. For example, a farmer wears a straw hat, cleric wearing purple robes and leather workers are equipped with a heavy brown apron. However, there are small villagers who do not work. You can see on your green clothes. Do not try to get you running, you do not accept career.

How to get more villagers in Minecraft

NOW, BANY villagers in your village is the tricky part. If you rebuild your own settlement from scratch, the villagers will not appear automatically. Unfortunately, you must be eliminated from other places. The best way to do this is to find an existing village and to steal the villagers. You can slide them in a boat or a mining car and transport them back to your new home. From there you can push them into your village where you gradually go to the available jobs and apartments.

Raiderz Trailer - Rengot Village You can also heal zombie villagers - though this is something more advanced. First, they must catch the zombie villagers so they do not disappear. You need a golden apple and a potion to heal the villagers. If this is done, you have a happy villagers who sells items with a discount! If you work in a snow and ice bioium, you can build an igloo with cellar. There a zombie villagers and a priest spawn. Heal the zombie and you have two villagers and your own village.

To keep villagers in your village, players have to build enough houses. An oversupply of beds is also needed as chests that contain enough food for the MOB. Three edible foods are recommended for each single villager - bread is usually the best choice. As soon as these requirements are met, the villagers will be continuously reproduced.

Minecraft __ is now available for Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile Phone, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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